Happy Island Bar on Union

There is an famous bar on Union Island. The Happy Island Bar is a hand made small island located on the reef outside Clifton village with just a bar on it. You need to take your dinghy to get here and they serve only Rum Punch or Beers.

Happy Island Bar on Union Island
We meet our friend Gunnar Åberg, from Karlstad who bought his Bavaria on Happy Island Bar.
The crew from the ARC+ boat MoChara join us for a sundowner.

Incredibly good Kite Surfer make some epic moves at Happy Island Bar.

Louise visit a dog shelter and donate some support for their activity.
Limoncello ending on the Italian restaurant “Barracuda” on Union Island.

Tobago Cays beautiful anchorage behind the reef

After a nice short down wind sailing from Mustique, we drop our hook behind the Horseshoe Reef in the beautiful Tobago Cays.

It was a tricky navigation as the reefs is 0,5 -1,5m below the water surface. The draft of Mon Ami is 2,7 m. I do not recommend to arrive at or after sunset.

Impressive to have just a reef between our anchorage and the swell caused by the Atlantic Ocean trade wind.

Sunrise at Tobago Cays @ 06:30.