Leg 2 Day 7 at sea – HALF WAY across the Atlantic

We passed the line during the night. Its now +1000 Nm to land in all directions. And 5000 m deep.

1043 Nm DMG Distance made good and 1043 DTW Distance to Waypoint.
12 hours night time sailing in the dark.

It´s nice to see one or two fellow ARC+ sailing boat on the AIS nearby. Unfortunately, too far for eye contact. Mon Ami is now 16th of 75 competitive boats. Some of the boats in front of us are catamarans in another division. The wind is more variating now and our speed varies from 6,5 to 9,5 knots.

We get contact on the SSB radio with the ARC+ boat Magnetic Attraction that hit something under the water on their rudder and lost the function or their autopilot. They are only two persons onboard and must hand steer for probably another one and a half week(!) day and night. They are 300 Nm behind us. We think of them, must be exhausting!

Today we called home and its -8 C cold in Hammarö, Sweden today. Here its 27 degrees in the water and too worm to wear shorts, only swimming shorts and bikini. There is a lot of Sargasso weed floating on the water surface and we need to pull up our Watt & Sea hydro turbine some to clean it a couple of times per day. It generates 600 W at 24 V and is maybe the best contributor to our electrical charging. Working day and night compared to the 5 solar panels. The wind turbine does not work well down wind. Its more of use at anchor when we get to the Caribbean.

Now its time to celebrate the half way passage with some Cava! Cheers!

All well onboard Mon Ami

14 43 N, 45 00 W COG 277, SOG 8 knots, Wind 15-20 knots from East. 925 Nm to go. 1163 Nm made good.

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