Leg 2 Cape Verde to St Lucia, 12 days at sea.

Land O’hoy!

We will reach St Lucia today and have crossed the Atlantic Ocean!

Now we have only 35 Nm to go and we see St Lucia in a distance.

We have some problem with the main boom. There is a big play in the joint between the boom and the mast. Maybe a result of the broken rod kick or the sheets and preventer twisting the boom? We need to get hold of a rigging company in St Lucia.

Yesterday we tried the fish gear we got as a gift from the US catamaran Starship Friendship. It was quick. After some problem catching Sargasso weed we got it right. First we caught first a Barracuda (we thru it back) and then a 8 kg Mahi-Mahi. Nice fish filets for dinner. We used just a reef on a rubber band. Blue and white Squid type of hook. We gave is a sip of cheap Vodka before we put the knife in it.

Now we have started the cockpit fridge and put some Cava and beer on the cold for this evening.

Probably we pass the Finish line at sun set and find our berth in Rodney Bay Marina in the dark this evening. We look forward to getting the boat stable as we are all tired of the rock and roll!

Now I will go locking for my red trousers I got from Sara on Fathers Day


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