Sailing = Boat maintenance in exotic places

Before we can launch Mon Ami in the water there are a lot work to be done.

We got assistance from Turbulence Ltd to take of the deck cover and fold it in two new bags. Just another thing to store onboard…

Then a lot of cleaning, polish and waxing.

When I replaced the zink anodes on our Gori propeller, I noticed a missing screw. There are 3 small M6 screws preventing the back cap to unwind and drop the propeller. The problem was that the hole for the screw had corroded and is now too big for the screw. Next size is M8 and that is far too big. After a lot of discussions with different mechanics engineers I decided to buy a more permanent Looktight that needs to be heated to 260 degrees Centigrade to be loose again. I hope this will be enough. A propeller is still a good-to-have-thing also on a sailing boat. 😉

Before launching in the water we always test if things are working or not. Like the bow truster, steering, auto pilot and sea cocks.

We found that one refrigerator did not work!

Spice Island Marina manage to get a refrigerator Technichian onboard the next day. During Mon Ami time on land it has been very hot inside and the gas had leaked out from the compressor. It was a easy thing to fix for the Technichian but we couldn’t have done it our selfs at sea.

We also enjoyed the surroundings of the Marina with it’s animal life.

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