Mon Ami on land in Grenada

The first days in January 2019 we enter into Spice Island Marina on Grenada to lift up Mon Ami on land until we come back in December. It’s a bit emotional and a lot of things to take care about to leave your boat for almost a year on land.

Sails down for repair and storage.
Take down the Vang for bracket repair.

Replace the Goose-neck that connect the main boom to the mast and replace washers.
We need to fold down the stainless steel poles that holds the wind turbine, solar panels and antennas to lift Mon Ami of Sweden
Spice Island Marina on Grenada have a 70 ton Travelift suitable for the 30 ton heavy Mon Ami.

Moisture, humidity and mold is a major concern. We use 8 dehumidifier with crystals.
All cousins is lift up for ventilation.
The marina assist to refill the dehumidifier crystals every month.

Electric cables that is connected directly to the batteries are disconnected.
Electric dehumidifier take out the worst moist but is then shut off as we do not have shore power.
All food is stored in triple plastic bags to avoid cockroaches and other bugs.
Björns parents Anne and Pär Johanson meet us on Arlanda to congratulate to our adventure!
Mon Ami of Sweden on land in Spice Island Marina from Jan to Dec 2019. / Mats & Louise Warnqvist

The last sailing for this time

Time run fast and it’s time to head home for work.

Our son Oscar and daughter Sara and her husband Björn join us for the last sail around the south east horn of Grenada towards Spice Island Marina.

Oscar insisted that we should sail a bit longer and do some serious Atlantic Fishing on the way.

We had Yellow Fin Tuna for lunch!

Our Dinghy smashed!

When we returned from the golf we found another big blue colored motor boat had smashed in to our Highfield 340 CL dingy when it was moored at the dock. It had pressed our dinghy in and under the dock despite that we had an anchor.

The motor throttle was off and hanging in it’s wires down in the water. The steering console was bent and there was big chunks off the steering wheel. The outboard engine was also scratched. We had blue color from the colliding boat that was sticking to our dinghy as evidenced. The blue color motor boat took of as soon as we approached but a nice Frenchman saw more details and help me to fulfill the police report. He also towed me and our dinghy out to MonAmi that was on anchor outside the beach with only Louise onboard.

Grenada Golf and Country Club

This golf course is a special one. Nine holes and 18 tee’s. It’s made like a star with a crossing in the middle that is very crowded. Fore!

You play every hole twice but from different tee’s. You definitely need a caddy to find your way and you get very important advices how to play the court.

Sara, Oscar and our Caddy – Abel.

Rain break under the trees. The golf course is in the rain forest and need no sprinkler system…

Scuba diving on Grenada

The dive boat with its 2x250Hp take us on an advanced dive 6 Nm out in the Atlantic swell.

Mats, Oscar and Bjorn dive on an old military mine sweeper ship wreak 40 m deep in big waves and strong current. There is no marker or bouy on the surface to indicate the position of the wreak. We need to jump of the boat while in speed forward and descent quickly to the bottom 125 ft.

The dive site is impressive with the ship on its side and today full of lobsters, sharks and eagle rays. There is very big Atlantic waves and tricky to get back onboard the dive boat.

With Family on Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

Family reunion for Christmas in Grenada.

Our son Oscar and Mats brother Marcus with family join us 22 Dec to celebrate Christmas and New Year. They all stay at Radisson Hotel but Louise and Mats stay onboard Mon Ami at anchor.

Mats, Marcus and Oscar Warnqvist
The Warnqvist families gathered onboard Mon Ami on Christmas Eve.
We have missed our son Oscar on our Atlantic Crossing.

Traditional Christmas game played onboard this year.