Arrive back to Spice Island Marina in Grenada

We are excited to come back to Grenada and see our beloved Mon Ami again.

We left her in Spice Island Marina a few days after New Year in January 2019.

We ordered by the sail company Turbulence to make a custom fit deck cover to Mon Ami. It was made and installed after we left Grenada, so we have not seen it before.

It has protected our new Teak deck from tropical sun UV and rain for 10 months and looks very nice.

The deck cover seems very professional made and without any damage from strong winds or chafe.

It’s made with a gap from deck to allow ventilation but still keep the sun and rain out. It’s quite dirty underneath and very warm in the saloon.

Mon Ami on land in Grenada

The first days in January 2019 we enter into Spice Island Marina on Grenada to lift up Mon Ami on land until we come back in December. It’s a bit emotional and a lot of things to take care about to leave your boat for almost a year on land.

Sails down for repair and storage.
Take down the Vang for bracket repair.

Replace the Goose-neck that connect the main boom to the mast and replace washers.
We need to fold down the stainless steel poles that holds the wind turbine, solar panels and antennas to lift Mon Ami of Sweden
Spice Island Marina on Grenada have a 70 ton Travelift suitable for the 30 ton heavy Mon Ami.

Moisture, humidity and mold is a major concern. We use 8 dehumidifier with crystals.
All cousins is lift up for ventilation.
The marina assist to refill the dehumidifier crystals every month.

Electric cables that is connected directly to the batteries are disconnected.
Electric dehumidifier take out the worst moist but is then shut off as we do not have shore power.
All food is stored in triple plastic bags to avoid cockroaches and other bugs.
Björns parents Anne and Pär Johanson meet us on Arlanda to congratulate to our adventure!
Mon Ami of Sweden on land in Spice Island Marina from Jan to Dec 2019. / Mats & Louise Warnqvist