Albufeira, Algarve Portugal

The boys hang loose in Albufeira.

The marina in Albufeira is well protected and the entrance is almost as entering in a tunnel or a water lock. We stoped at the reception pontoon where the marina had an ARC-flag indicating that yachts attended to the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers has an discount. As Mon Ami is carrying the same ARC-flag for our planed Atlantic crossing did we get a discount and paid only 40 Euro for one night stay.

While taking a well deserved “anchor drink” in the cockpit did we enjoy the Bungee jump from a marina based lifting crane.

From where we were sitting did it look almost like a touch down, and really scary!

Later we took the 15 min walk from the marina to the Albufeira village that surround the beachfront.

The restaurant owner had s nice Port Wine collection including Mats year 1966!

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