The Gypsy Village

Next morning we departed from Albufeira and sat sail towards Faro.

With Mon Ami’s draft of 2.7 meters is it not possible to sail all the way up to Faro and that was not our plan.

Faro is located in a swamp created by the tide waters. In this low land does the 2,5 m tide make a huge difference on the landscape. We entered in mid water level and had a 3 knot current with us through the entrance.

Louise and Mats has been here before and we know a good anchorage a few nautical miles to the east. If you anchor in the wrong please in high waters will you be stranded when the tide sets down.

We anchored outside the Gypsy village on the peninsula Iiha da Culatra and took the dinghy ashore.

It was quite windy and we got splashed well in the two trips to get all six guys ashore.

Iiha de Culatra was a strange place. All very sandy. No roads and old tractors was left here and there where they have broken down.

Small houses with a gangway instead of street and even a school. We looked definitely as gringos in our sailing clothes and life jackets.

Back on board Mon Ami did we fired-up our Magma grill and had a very nice dinner onboard in the cockpit.

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