Broken dinghy handles

I was too ambitious when I tied down our new Highfield RIB dinghy on foredeck on Mon Ami.

My mistake was to use the rubber handles that are glued to the pontoons sides.

I tied quite hard down as we was sailing 3 days and nights from Lagos to Madeira. In Lagos it was a bit cold and the pontoons expanded when we reached the warmer weather and sunshine in Madeira. The pressure on the rubber handles became too strong and they both broke. I hope to be able to replace them.

We have a very nice Highfield RIB dinghy with double aluminum bottom. 20Hp Honda outboard engine with electric start and steering wheel. The problem is sometimes it becomes too heavy to drag up on a beach. We realize this now when we sail in waters with a 2 m tide water difference but we have been able to manage so far.

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