Levada walk and fireworks in Madeira

The last days in Madeira we went on a classic levada walk. Levada is the old channels build to transfer water in the mountains. They have inspection tracks next to them that have become very popular for tourist.

We had a local guide and we where 20 people in our group from all different nationalities.

It was spectacular views and easy walks next to a levada. When we transfer to another levada it could be long steps or even a 800 meter long tunnel.

The track we took was called the 25 Fountain after all the waterfalls. The biggest was 200 long.

We where on 1900 m altitude and the climate was a bit chilly and humid. Excellent for this type of forest and vegetation.

We can definitely recommend the levada walks on Madeira.


In end of June is the Atlantic festival in Funchal. One of the activities is a fireworks competition each Saturday night. The winning team will get the honor for creating the fireworks for New Year. This seems to be a big thing in Madeira and the hotels are booked for New Year 12 months in advance.

We had a perfect spot to view the fireworks in Mon Ami cockpit.

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