Anchor drinks with new friends in Arrecife

Our next stop is Marina Lanzarote in the main village Arrecife. Marina Lanzarote is well protected from the prevailing winds. There are finger pontoons and that’s good in the +2 m tide water. Here are a shipyard with a 700 ton travel lift!!!We had very nice and friendly neighbors on the dock. One lime green racing yacht with a German couple, Gorm and Maren where also going to attend the ARC but in racing division. They reached 24 knots in speed on a practice sailing earlier the same day! Everything onboard there boat was in light weight and preferably in lime green color.Our next neighbors on the dock was the total opposite!The young family with Christelle from Australia and Sylvan from France with there one year old daughter Gaya had their old heavy boat for sale. They lived on a limited budget, where both apnea divers 32-37m deep, and invited us to yoga. We spend two evenings together. We had a lot of fun comparing our way of sailing. It’s practice to bring your own drinking glasses when you are invited to another boat. Louise and Mats had the mineral wine glasses from IKEA. Gorm and Maren had light weight plastic cups, green, and Christelle and Sylvan had re-used glass food cans. We had so much fun together. What a nice sailing company in Lanzarote.

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