La Graciosa Lanzarote

We have arrived to Spain and the Canary Islands have their own courtesy flag. We anchored in the natural park of Isla La Graciosa just north of Lanzarote. A yacht needs a license to enter the marina and the only bay where you are allowed to anchor is at the Francesca beach. We took the dinghy to the maria in the village to drop of our free passenger Maria. A security guard asked us immediately if we intended to stay. There where no problem after explaining that we only dropped of a passenger and will stay at anchorage. There are many day cruisers and tourist boats in the Francesca bay during daytime but and we are happy when the noise disappear in the evening. We where a handful of yachts at anchor at night fall. The steep volcanic walls of Lanzarote north edge where impressive in the sun set light.

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